Crabmail is a static mail archive generator. It is a program that takes a list of email files and generates HTML and gemtext files so that these email messages can be viewed online.

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Mailing lists

Why Mailing Lists in 2021?

Using Crabmail

To start a conversation, send an email to the mailing list email! On lists.flounder.online, you can also start your own list with lists+[listname]@flounder.online

To reply, click the reply button. This will open your email client and you can send a message to the person you are replying to and the mailing list. If you receive a reply this way, make sure to “reply all” so that the mailing list gets a copy.

Crabmail on its own does not handle sending emails, only receiving emails, although one could hook it up to another piece of software that handles sending emails via subscription. Instead, you can follow updates via the Atom feed, which will alert you to thread updates.

Plain text, unstyled email is preferred for using mailing lists. If you send an email with text styling, your client will likely convert it to plaintext for you. For more information about plain text emails and many of the advantages, see this guide:


If you'd like to test out getting used to using mailing lists in general, or Crabmail's archive in particular, feel free to send something to this test instance: